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11 Websites Every Student Should Bookmark

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Every student needs help to succeed – in academics and private life, and you need all the help you can get to achieve success with minimal efforts – especially in these digital times.

A student must be able to use the Internet effectively to access instant help and information within seconds, and that is why you must learn to bookmark websites and online resources that you find helpful for immediate or future needs.

Whether for your classroom studies, life as a student, graduate jobs, or personal career, you will find the following websites useful as a student, and they have been diligently handpicked to serve your needs and make you succeed in any way a student would require success.


  • Open Study: Many students find it challenging and uninteresting to study difficult subjects on their own, but with OpenStudy, they can overcome this problem. Signing up at this website gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other students over difficult subjects, and enables you to study alongside others on various academics topics.
  • PostYourBook: There is no denying the fact that academic books are expensive, but it is possible to recoup your investment by selling used textbooks to other students when you are done with it at a discounted price. PostYourBook enables you to sell used and expensive textbooks to other students at a cheaper price.
  • Unigo: This website provides reviews on over 7,000 schools and colleges so as to help you decide which one is suitable for you. It is chockfull of helpful insights you must have to determine why you must go to a particular college and forget about others.
  • Copyscape: You must already know that Copyscape is the anti-plagiarism tool to help you determine if your papers have been plagiarized by others, and how to rework your papers so that they don’t look similar to existing papers on the internet. This website helps you to check for plagiarism, while also providing the sources of any plagiarized content.
  • Pocket: Pocket helps you save useful articles and snippets of information you come across on the internet for later. Whatever you save on Pocket can be synchronized across multiple devices, and gives you the ease of studying saved content at your own leisure and time.
  • Ice Cream Apps: If you need to capture screenshots, create slideshows, convert videos, and perform other tasks related to your coursework, then you must turn to Ice Cream Apps for help. The website helps you with easy and fast solutions to your academic tasks.
  • Campusbug: All work makes Jack a dull boy, right? Well, if you need to study and socialize in a manner that suits your needs and interests, then Campusbug is the website for you. It is similar to Facebook, but helps you advance your education while also networking with other students across the globe by taking advantage of certain tools integrated into the site.
  • Questia: This site enables you to study thousands of free books online without the need to pay for reading them. With over 5,000 in Questia’s online library, you can be assured of getting easy access to its rare and classic books to improve your literary and academic skills in all ways. Conversely, you can also check out Project Gutenberg to access over 25,000 free books online with an additional 100,000 books from partner sites and affiliates of the online catalog.
  • Student Loan Calculator: If you have taken out a student loan and need to pay back over the course of your study, then you must use Student Loan Calculator to stay on top of your student loan repayments. You get to see what you have paid and what is remaining and any other relevant information related to your loan and its repayment.
  • Rate My Professors: With over one million professors around the world rated on this site, you can learn the good and ugly sides of your professors so as to better understand them. It has a rating feature and ranked by over 7 million students worldwide and helpful for determining which professor’s classes to attend or avoid. The reviews are given daily by real students in each school.
  • Gumtree: Just as Craiglist is for classified ads, Gumtree is the place to go to for part-time job opportunities, accommodation needs, selling and buying of second-hand goods, product swapping, and other things that can bring you money on the side as a student that needs to supplement his income. 


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