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Cheapest Universities in The Uk (10+ Unis from £4,000)

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Studying abroad is as much a life goal as it is a mere dream, for most students.

A very common barrier to this goal is the financial commitments wrapped inside and around it.

It’s even tougher when the dream study abroad destination is the United Kingdom. This is partly due to constant increase in college fees and education rates.

With the annual tuition fees soaring at £9,000 annually, UK Universities relatively ranks among the most expensive tertiary institution, compared to countries like Canada.

Students who dream to study in the UK – with hopes of exploring Great Britain – are easily put off by the general prospects that “UK universities are expensive”. But, just like different models of an iPhone, every UK university doesn’t cost the same.

Here are cheapest universities in the UK, offering equal standard of learning but on lesser fee structures.


  • Edinburgh Heriot-Watt: This is a public university based in Edinburgh, with branch campuses in the Scottish Borders, Orkney, Dubai, and Putrajaya.

Being one of the oldest and cheapest universities in the UK, the Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University is known for its good placement opportunities.

About 80% of its graduates get great offers after leaving the institution. Students at this school pay £9,587 each year.


  • Straffordshire University: Straffordshire University usually offers two–year fast track undergraduate programs as well as specializations in secondary teacher training courses.

Straffordshire’s tuition is about £7,610 for classroom based degrees. However, specialized course takers pay more. Housing could cost around £45 to £108 weekly.

Hey soccer fans, did you know that Aston Villa FC. uses facilities at Staffordshire University?


Students pay about £10,000 annually, depending on the course of study. Kent has faculties through Humanities, Sciences and Social sciences with each college having residential rooms, lecture theaters, study rooms and computer rooms.

This research-led university has 24 schools and 40 specialist research centers that span the sciences, technology and medical studies.

In 2005, The Guardian newspaper placed Kent’s ranking at 16th in the UK .

If a Franco-British program is what you are interested in, Kent has a double-degree program that combines in one degree.


  • Teesside University If you are interested in specialising in Forensics, Health or Engineering, on a low budget, then Teesside is where you should be.

With emphasis on real life learning, Teesside charges around £5,050 for qualifications below degree level.


  • Leeds Trinity University: Foundation degrees at Leeds Trinity are around £2,250 a year, while full time programs cost around £8,000.  Leeds Trinity has diverse cultural exposure and provides opportunities for part-time jobs in sport teams around the region.


  • University of Cumbria: To the North of England and South of Scotland, this University has an average annual cost of £6,960.

Halls of residence at Cumbria cost between £4,000 per year. The faculties of concentration in this school includes Arts, Business and Science; Education; and Teaching.


The London Metropolitan University costs about £6,900 annually with accommodation averaging £95 per week, depending on the type. The university has facilities to accommodate sports lovers and journalism enthusiasts.


  • University of St. Andrews: Based in Scotland, the University of St. Andrews is home to many international students and well-renowned for a good quality of students accommodation.

St. Andrews costs around £9,000 annually and every fresher is guaranteed a place in the halls of residence.

The university has teaching faculties, libraries, student housing and other buildings spread throughout the town.


  • Abertay University: With average fees around £4,000, Abertay is one of the cheapest universities in the UK. This school offers graduate courses in energy, counselling, ethical hacking and computer security. Abertay University also has academic schools across Science, Engineering and Technology, Social and Health Sciences


The University has unique offerings such as degrees in Film and TV. In addition to its well-touted educational curricula, accommodation is on the low end, at a £2,900 annually cost.

Bolton is near Liverpool and Manchester.


  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: With averages around £4,050  for postgraduate and £9,000 for graduates, the CMU offers different opportunities for individuals who have their first degrees and want to further their knowledge. CMU provides private accommodations to students who need them and have great resources for sports fanatics.


In addition to a well-equipped library, students at BGU can also use the Sport and Fitness Centre as well as play sports such as hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton and netball.

Reviews on University Which show that BGU’s students are highly satisfied with the learning conditions of the university.

Graduates from this school, on a average, earn £20,000 and 98% are in work or further study.


Great things don’t come cheap, but certainly, most programs offered in these schools are of great standard and quality.

While picking a school, look beyond rankings and make sure to check for scholarship opportunities.


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