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Top 20 Institutions (US & UK) For Distance Learning

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As much as studying abroad is fascinating, not everyone with the desire can make it happen. To some, traveling to study abroad is way beyond affordable. As such, the desire leapfrogs to just another spot on their bucket list.

Acquiring international education doesn’t have to be an impossibility when one can’t afford the luxury and time, all thanks to distance learning.

Distance learning is the solution to the unwavering need for education of those who cannot commit to classical student life. It allows the student to study with no geographical constraint and at their own time, via the internet.

The delivery method of distance learning program varies. The majority are conducted entirely online while others give the student the opportunity to meet face-to-face with tutors and classmates, sometimes. The latter allows students to network and gain more professional and interpersonal skills.



Here are 10 top Universities in the UK and US that can turn your desire to get an international degree into a reality.

These Universities offers all categories of programs including Bachelor degree, Masters degree, Ph.D. programs and Short Courses.


10 top UK institutions offering Distance Learning

  •  University of Liverpool: According to financial times, University of Liverpool in coop with laureate education is one of the leading distance learning institutes in the globe. The University of Liverpool in conjunction with Laureate Online Education provides 41 distance learning courses from a wide area of disciplines. They offer online degree programs with varieties of courses under Management, Information Technology, Law, Psychology, Health and Education. Making it likely for you to obtain a University of Liverpool degree from wherever you are in the world.


  • School of Oriental and African Studies: The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is an educational institution in the University of London and the only tertiary institution in the UK focusing on the study of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It offers 51 distance learning courses in Arts and Humanities, Business and Social Science, Language, and Cultural Studies as well as Science and Technology.


  •  Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus: This University has a record of over 150 years beginning as Cambridge School of Art in 1858. Presently, with a population of 31,000 from UK/EU and around 1,700 students from other countries, it is one of the great universities in the East of England. Their students are on courses leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a range of expert qualifications.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree courses are being offered through distance learning. The program includes: BA (Hons) sales degree, BA (Hons) Management degree, MA in Leadership, MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees and Management, Master’s degree in Project Management.


  • University Campus Suffolk: This University provides 22 distance learning programs that feature not only a safe environment but also smooth and excellent communication with instructors and tutors.


  • Ashridge Business School:  This business school sets out to enable people to be the best in their field of endeavor. Ashridge is among the 30 schools around the globe to achieve a three times accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB – the American, European and UK accreditation bodies. Ashridge strong team of faculty and affiliates have worked as business leaders and harmonized practical experience with high academic understanding. They emerge from a wide range of categories and industries and bring lots of knowledge to help students look at their most pressing difficulties from different angles.


  • The University of Manchester: The University of Manchester is one of Britain’s most popular and progressive universities, with a rich background for up to 180 years and an exciting plan for the future. Presently, research remains at the center of the University, and the quality, scope, and series of research activity are unique in the UK, with strong collaborative links with industry and public service. The University provides a broad range of courses in health and pharmacy, computer science, human resource, health care law, management and information systems to mention but a few.


  • The University of Northampton: The University of Northampton offers a variety of  distance learning programs including starting point and undergraduate level to postgraduate level, professional and doctoral qualifications. The prestigious University offers courses such as humanities, traditional arts and science subjects, as well as more modern topics such as product design, entrepreneur, advertising, etc.


  • Cass Business School: Cass is the largest provider of specialist Masters Courses in Europe, with more than 20 academic programs ranging from Actuarial Science to Shipping. All the Masters courses are arranged around industry requirements and drawn on the advanced thinking from real world specialists. With regards to MBAs, the Financial Times 2010, Global Executive MBA Rankings for 2010 placed Cass Business school in tenth place internationally, second in the UK and fourth in Europe.


  • Edinburgh Napier University: Napier has a modular structure allowing visiting students to devise programs geared to their needs. Courses in most undergraduate and graduate academic programs can be joined to one another. Participants are needed to carry a normal burden of four modules per semester. Edinburgh Napier University offers online courses in engineering, computing and creative, health, life and social sciences, financial, business and entrepreneurial leadership.


  • Institute of Education, University of LondonThe Institute of Education is the only college of the University of London devoted entirely to education and related areas of social science. It is the UK’s leading center for studies in education and related disciplines. Available at Masters Level are (8 taught modules plus a dissertation) courses in Crime Science, Countering Organized Crime, and Terrorism. At Post Graduate Diploma Level (8 taught modules) courses in Crime Science, Countering Organized Crime, and Terrorism and Post Graduate Certificate Level (4 taught modules) courses in Security & Crime Science.


Top 10 US institutions offering distance learning


  • Penn State World Campus:  This campus was established in 1998, Penn State World Campus is the online campus of the highly respected University in Pennsylvania State.

Penn State World Campus offers a splendid list of distance learning programs, with more than 120 online programs leading to a type of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs. Penn State World Campus provides degrees in fields such as technology, engineering, education, business, healthcare, and many more.


  • University of Florida Distance education: Known for offering high-quality education to students, the University of Florida provides a type of online programs leading to bachelor, bachelor completion, master, specialist, and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs comprise of environmental management in agriculture and natural resources, biology, health education, Industrial and systems Engineering, Latin language, and entomology.

Other programs offered include doctorate degrees in education, philosophy, classical studies, audiology, pharmacy, and nursing.


  • The University of Massachusetts: UMass Online, the online consortium of the highly renowned University of Massachusetts system,  provides a type of undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  University of Massachusetts degree offerings comprised of an associate’s degree in IT (information technology) and more than thirty bachelor’s degree programs, also includes degree completion programs on topics such as applied psychology, criminal justice, nursing, and more.

The university also provides almost 40 master’s degree programs on topics including security studies, gerontology, and vision studies; a doctorate in nursing practice; and dozens of certificate programs. Instructions are given to online students from the same faculty, obtain the same degrees, and take part in the same graduation ceremony as on-campus students. UMass Online students have the right to use a host of services like academic counseling, fellowship advising, and library help.


  • Boston University: Being one of the largest, non-profit universities in the United States, Boston University has a trustworthy online learning environment for higher education. Boston University provides a host of online undergraduate courses, as well as a type of online degree programs such as an online bachelor’s degree accomplishment program; 9 master’s degree programs, including management law, taxation, and art education; and doctorate programs in occupational therapy and music education.

The university also offers more than a dozen certificate programs. Course content includes videos, interactive animation, discussion boards and online lectures. Boston University got the Sloan Consortium award for U.S. Distance Learning Association Award and Excellence in Institution-Wide for 21st Century Best Practices.


  • Northeastern University:  Northeastern University is a private, non-profit research university founded in 1898. The university registers about 20,000 students across nine schools and colleges, as well as graduate campuses in Washington State and North Carolina. This University offers more than 60 online degree programs, which give students the willingness to earn their degree on their schedule.

Northeastern University’s online programs comprised of nearly 20 bachelor’s degrees in finance, English, and Political Science; more than 24 master’s degrees, which includes respiratory care, taxation, homeland security, and leadership; and doctorate degrees in transitional physical therapy and education. The university also provides more than 20 certificate programs in a range of topics.


  • Indiana University:  Indiana University is a public university system founded in 1820, enrolls students that are more than 110,000 across nine campuses and two centers. Through IU Online, Indiana University provides more than 100-degree programs and hundreds of online classes.

Students can pursue a type of partner and bachelor degree programs, which comprises of nine-degree completion programs such as mathematics, business administration, nursing, and political science. Indiana University Online also provides more than 24 online master degree programs ranging from social work to strategic management to data science and more. Students also can obtain doctoral degrees in nursing practice, instructional systems technology, and nursing science. Online students also can choose from a type of certificate programs. IU Online students have access to libraries and technology resources.


  • Arizona State University: Arizona State University (ASU), a public research university established in 1885, is the largest government university in the United States by enrollment. Arizona State University has online programs for certificate at both undergraduate and graduate level. ASU Online’s degree offers bachelor’s degrees in art, history, business, social science and film studies, as well as justice studies, public and medical service. The university also provides master’s degrees in nutrition, legal studies, English, electrical engineering, and more. Students can also pursue doctoral degrees in behavioral health, leadership, and innovation.

ASU Online students have the right to meet registration Academic advisers, success coaches, and counselors. Arizonal state University Online provides six start dates each year. Online students have the willingness to complete coursework on their schedule. Some ASU Online courses demand specific log-on times, and most have set assignments and deadlines


  • Drexel University: Drexel University was established in 1891, provides almost 200 programs leading to a type of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Drexel University Online awards nine bachelor’s degrees in criminology, business administration, security technology and psychology, and computing; and about 60 master’s degree programs ranging from systems engineering to communication to cyber security.

Drexel Online also provides about 80 certificate programs, as well as doctoral programs in health science, educational leadership and management in rehabilitation sciences, and nursing practice. Drexel University provides some of its degree programs in a speedy format. Online students are given instruction from the same faculty and obtain the same degrees as on-campus students. Drexel University obtained the Sloan-C Award for distinction in Institution-Wide Online Education.


  • Stanford University: Stanford is well known in the online setting for its proposal of free learning courses and lectures. Stanford Online also provides a type of certificates and degrees in collaboration with most of the university’s schools and departments, such as the school of medicine, school of engineering, business, law, humanities, and sciences. Stanford University also provides corporate education programs that are online fully, on-campus at company work areas, and even through the joining of methods.


  • University of California, Berkeley: It Is the one of the most critical universities in the globe for undergraduate education. In 2012, the university established the Berkeley Resource Centre for Online Education, which is a resource hub that organizes and facilitates the online education initiatives, from credit and non-credit courses to online degrees and massive open online courses projects. This University thereby provides a type of courses that carry assignable academic credit units. Comprehensive certificates and study programs are accessible in areas such as Business Analysis, Marketing, Advanced Biosciences or paralegal studies.


If you want pursue a career or advance your qualification, but can’t afford the commitment of a full-time program, distance education is no doubt the way out.

Whatever your search criteria is, one of these Universities will offer you an interesting distance education program.

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