Study Abroad Guide

A Guide to Selecting the Right Course and University to Apply For

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The Starting Point
Start by isolating what you want to gain from your university experience; are there any particular facilities the university must have? Is your social experience an essential factor? Make a list and work from there

Picking your course
Don’t just pick a course based on the title alone, look carefully at the content, and how the course is assessed, is it mainly course work or exams. Look at how the course is taught and study style, the lecture hours, seminars and independent study time. Analyse the marking and grading systems, the modules and core units.
You should aim to pick a course which not only features your area of interest but also accommodates your personal learning style.

League tables
Look at the league tables; don’t just pick a university based on the general rankings, research the rankings for your particular course, some universities are more specialised in certain courses than others.

Social Clubs
Social clubs and societies play a major part in the overall university experience as this is where you socialise and engage in activities with others who share the same interest, look at what is on offer.

Talk to alumni! Talking to someone who has studied at the university or perhaps your chosen course will enable to gain a clearer insight of the overall experience.

Look carefully at the course fees, the cost of living and all other costs associated with studying at the university. Compare the cost and the rankings alongside your personal preference, by doing this you’ll be able to guesstimate if you’ll be getting value for money and select universities that within your budget.  You can do this using on !

Final Tip
It is important that you take into consideration all of the above, it is not advisable for you to make your decision based on one factor alone, as you may later find that the university fails to meet your expectation.


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