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7 Amazing Hacks to Passing Exams

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It is true that everyone likes success and promotion, but not everyone likes reading far into the nights or even seating for an exam – because of the untold anxiety, sleepless nights, and poor health accompanying the approaching exams. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you’d master the hacks to passing tests and exams without much effort.


7 Amazing Hacks to Passing Exams



Mentally Associate What You Read With What You Know

One of the best ways to master a topic or recall it absolutely is by associating it with a relevant experience while studying it. For example, associating red with blood makes you to remember blood anytime you see red; and associating birds with airplanes makes you to remember airplanes anytime you see birds gliding.

When you relate what you learn to what you know, it helps you to recall things when you come across the trigger.


Study with a Class Friend

Partnering to study with a class friend helps both of you to tackle difficult issues you both come across while studying together. The best way to go about this is to study individually, at the same time and place, but to ask each other questions that one does not understand. This will enable both of you to study for longer hours without dosing off, thereby strengthening how you learn.


Cram By Reading Stuff Upside Down

What this simply means is that if you ever have to study and cram things, then its best done by placing the book upside down to you so that you can task your brain to focus more and grab the content. Learning this way is slow, but it is more efficient for teaching the brain to recall things. More so, it forces concentration and reduces mindless staring.


Reward Yourself with a Treat For Studying

We all have the tendency to sleep off while studying alone, but you can overcome this problem by occasionally treating yourself to a candy – popped into your mouth once in a while. Popping candy, popcorn, gum, and cake into your mouth while you study alone helps you to keep awake and find studying interesting.

Sipping coffee and energy drinks helps maintain a good level of cognitive function and energy, which accelerates learning.


Read Out Aloud to Maintain Concentration

Sometimes it helps more to read out aloud in order to maintain concentration, instead of always reading silently to yourself.

Your mind wanders aimlessly if you read silently to yourself, but reading out aloud and hearing your own voice reinforces concentration and brings the material alive to you – empowering you to recall them when you need to.


Don’t Play Your Favorite Songs While Studying

Many people like to listen to soft music while studying, but the truth is that listening to your favorite songs will rather distract you than help you concentrate.

Studies have shown that unfamiliar music boosts productivity, but listening to your favorite music distracts and makes you lose focus. You end up singing along and getting distracted rather than paying attention to what you need to study and recall.

Different things work for different people when it comes to studying and recalling them during tests and exams, but you must know what works for you and stick to it.


Having the right study habit and exam-smashing skills isn’t something that comes easy. To some it’s a natural talent but others have to master the hooks and crooks.

Whatever the case, the tips listed above; these study techniques, and your own efforts should set you off in the right path.



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